Congratulations on joining IEEE. You have made an excellent choice that will benefit you throughout your entire life and career. As a member of IEEE and a member of the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities you have the opportunity to associate yourself as a member of the IEEE Student Branch. To do so simply follow these steps.

  1. Take note of your IEEE membership number and status. You will need a copy of your registration/renewal email or your current membership card with your IEEE membership number as proof that you are a current IEEE member.
  2. Bring this proof to the IEEE student lounge in Keller Hall Room 2-110 and speak with an officer. You can find available times on the Calendar or Contact Us to set up a time.
  3. Read and understand the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities IEEE Student Branch member rules and regulations. Violation of these rules may lead to suspension or revocation of student branch membership.
  4. Get your door access and a rundown of accessing other benefits. Make sure to bring your U-Card when you come to register so we can get you door access posthaste.
  5. Join

  6. Enjoy and welcome to the U of M IEEE Student Branch!

Now that you are a member and have door access you should make sure to take advantage of your benefits and experiences. You can do this by

  • Networking, studying, and working with other students in the IEEE student lounge
  • Getting involved with our branch through committees, tutorials, and meetings
  • Learning about and joining other U of M IEEE groups including our sibling groups Women in Engineering (WIE) and the IEEE honor society IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)
  • Participating in the wider IEEE community such as the IEEE Twin Cities section and attending the many events they hold

Join us on Slack

Stay connected by joining the IEEE slack here

Slack is a team collaboration tool (basically a message board.) Come hang out virtually to see how it is. You can ask questions and get answers. Take names and play games but don’t be profane (that’s lame.)

Please set your channel name to your real name, because if not it gets hard to tell who is who.