Below you will find the rules and regulations regarding conduct of members and the use of resources of the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities IEEE Student Branch. Every member is responsible and required to fully understand and abide by these rules and regulations. Failure to do so may lead to suspension or revocation of student branch membership.* A web version of these rules and regulations is also available. You may additionally review the group constitution as submitted to the University of Minnesota Student Unions and Activities board here.


University of Minnesota- Twin Cities IEEE Student Branch Membership Rules and Regulations

As a registered University of Minnesota- Twin Cities IEEE Student Branch member I hereby affirm to uphold the following.

General Behavior:

  • No hate speech
  • If you are making someone uncomfortable and they ask you to stop, do so.
  • Keep noise at a reasonable level and respect people’s requests to be quiet
  • Please stay decent – Shirt and pants required AT ALL TIMES
  • Follow all UMN regulations, federal laws, and internet rules.
  • Keep the room organized.  CLEAN UP after your messes.


  • LOG OUT after using the computers
  • Priority for computer use is given to members using them for academic purposes


  • Personal items should not be left in IEEE. IEEE is not liable for items left in the room.
  • If an officer asks you to stop leaving something in the room, do so
  • Non-members are allowed in, but do not get member benefits and must leave if asked so by an officer.
  • Non-members cannot be in IEEE without a member


  • If you use IEEE supplies, put them back where they belong
  • IEEE equipment may not be removed from the lounge without explicit permission from an officer (this includes headphones!)
  • Improper use of equipment can lead to loss of room access


  • Label all food/drink left in the fridge with your name and date
  • Food left out may be disposed of
  • Food that is odorous/left in the fridge longer than a week will be thrown out
  • Food is discarded on Wednesdays
  • Don’t leave food containers around or dirty mugs

Officers/Official Formalities

  • If you have any issues with an officer, you can either go to one of the other officers or the club advisor Kyle Dukart.
  • Minor Violations: Warning.  If it becomes excessive, meeting with Officers or University staff
  • Moderate/Mini-Major Violation: One warning.  Second time, potential suspension of membership.
  • Major Violations: First time; Meeting with University staff and potential suspension of membership or expulsion.  Second time: Expulsion from the club    

The following conduct is not allowed under any circumstance:

  • Participating in any action involving physical or mental abuse, harassment, intimidation or any behavior which threatens or endangers the health, well-being or safety of any person.
  • The consumption or possession of ANY alcohol, illegal drugs, or paraphernalia.
  • Engaging in ANY behavior that could be considered as sexual, obscene, or abusive; this includes watching hentai
  • Possession of ANY firearm, weapon and/or other dangerous instruments.

Additional rules regarding other aspects of the room include:

*The University of Minnesota- Twin Cities IEEE Student Branch is at full discretion to revoke access and benefits associated with the branch. We do not have the ability to revoke other IEEE memberships.