Tutorials and Resources

We have several tutorials and resources created by UMN students available here for students to learn and review topics related to ECE. Browse through the page or click on any link in the Table of Contents to jump to a tutorial.

Table of Contents

PCB Business Cards using KiCad

Interested in learning how to create your own PCB business card? IEEE hosted a tutorial on KiCad which will not only get you started on creating your own PCBs, but also allow you to make your own low-cost wallet-size PCB business cards to give out during career fairs and interviews! Take a look at our slides here!

PCB Business Cards

Quantum Tutorial with Onri!

Our resident quantum expert Onri led a tutorial series on Quantum computing. This will give you an idea of what quantum computers look like, what quantum means, and what to look for in terms of controlling or interacting with them.

Video file

Interested in learning how to visualize and apply quantum algorithms? Learn more about Qiskit, a widely used SDK for creating and running Quantum programs in this slide show. Check out these other excellent tutorial resources on plotting quantum bits and working on various quantum algorithms in the IBM Quantum Lab. It's a great way to apply Python programming to create quantum algorithms in the cloud. 

HSPICE Tutorial

Learn how to use HSPICE, the gold standard in SPICE simulation. Whether you're new to SPICE or are taking VLSI courses, this is a great analog and digital circuit circuit simulator which is widely used in industry.

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Linux Tutorial

A few ECE grad students hosted a Linux Workshop and were generous to allow us to post it here. This is a great resource for those who are new or need a refresher on Linux basics. 

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IEEE Microcontroller Tutorial

We hosted an event to display all the cool things that can be done with microcontrollers! There were a number of different demos displaying the versatility of these devices. 

Github Repository For Microcontroller Code

Microcontroller Event 2
Microcontroller Event 1

IEEE Computer Rebuild Event

We hosted an event to rebuild one of the IEEE room computers. The involved running through a presentation on the basics of computer hardware and fulling taking apart one of our desktops! The slides from the event are linked below if you would like to learn more!

Computer Rebuild event slides

Computer Rebuild 2
Computer Rebuild 1

LaTeX Tutorial-HKN Collaboration

We had an amazing LaTeX tutorial from HKN President Jackson Benning! LaTex is a software for document preparation, and very useful to know. Whether you have never used LaTeX before or are an expert, there will be something to learn for everyone. The slides and event recording are posted below for reference. 

Video file